We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality products from the best manufacturers on the market. If there is ever a problem with your products please reach out to support@growtentsdepot.com with the following information:

  • Your Order Number
  • Your Shipping Address
  • A Brief Description of the Issue
  • Photos may also be needed – see manufacturer instructions below.

Brand Specific Warranty Details:

  • AC Infinity: https://growtentsdepot.com/pages/ac-infinity-warranties
  • Active Grow: https://growtentsdepot.com/pages/active-grow-warranties
  • BudBox: https://growtentsdepot.com/pages/budbox-warranties
  • HighDroGro: https://growtentsdepot.com/pages/highdrogro-warranties
  • Mars Hydro: https://growtentsdepot.com/pages/mars-hydro-warranties
  • Spider Farmer: https://growtentsdepot.com/pages/spider-farmer-warranties