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Why Do I Need a Grow Tent?

Don’t have space for a greenhouse? Do you have to retire your garden for the winter every year because your area gets too cold? Are you constantly battling infestation of your crops? Well, then I think a grow tent might be just the thing you need to solve all these problems and more!

One of the primary reasons folks end up buying a grow tent is to save on space. Sometimes it is just not feasible to build a greenhouse in your backyard. Even if you had the desire and the space, there might not be a good spot that gets enough light or it might be too far from a water source. Grow tents are a perfect solution here as they come in many different sizes that perfectly fit your free space, even small enough to fit in your un-used hallway closet!

The other major advantage to using a grow tent is that you are able to grow all year round! Nothing is more frustrating than knowing August has come and gone and you need to start winterizing your garden. Hopefully you saved enough of your crops during the growing season to get you through the winter! Grow tents create a steady and clean ecosystem that is not subject to snow days.

Sometimes even when you do have the space, live in a warm climate without winters, have everything you need for a successful garden, you are not protected from garden pests! With a grow tent you can say goodbye to your Neem oil and kiss those aphids goodbye, because you will be completely protected from outside infestation. Pair this with clean air circulation and the perfect amount of light needed, your plants will love you.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with a grow tent. They are easy to set up and help you be efficient with your energy. It’s also a great conversation starter! There is a large selection of options for grow tents and accessories out there and we would love to help you put together the kit you need to keep on growing!

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