Route Shipping Insurance: Protect Your Package and the Environment

Route Shipping Insurance: Protect Your Package and the Environment

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Route at Grow Tents Depot! We are teaming up to provide you with a unique package protection solution that looks after both your orders and the planet - Route's Green Package Protection.

Forget about the stress of misplaced, stolen, or damaged orders! By adding Green Package Protection to your cart at checkout, you get an extra layer of assurance, knowing your purchases are thoroughly protected during transit.

But the excitement doesn't end here. The 'Green' in Green Package Protection stands for more than you might think! Every time you opt for this protection, Route makes a contribution to a significant agroforestry initiative. This incredible project actively removes CO2 from the atmosphere while nurturing a thriving ecosystem. With this step, you're not just securing your order - you're also investing in the Earth's future!

And to make your shopping experience even more streamlined, you can utilize Route’s mobile app. It lets you track all your online orders in one place and facilitates effortless claim filing. Enjoy real-time updates and stay in the loop throughout every step of your delivery journey.

Join us in this exciting chapter at Grow Tents Depot, where we are committed to delivering not only quality products but also a green, secure, and convenient shopping experience!

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